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Castors for trolleys: efficiency and safety in logistics

In the world of logistics, every detail counts. Logistics cart casters are a key element in the quest for maximum efficiency and safety in warehouses and distribution centres. Therefore, the appropriate choice of these wheels becomes a strategic decision.

When it comes to castors for logistics carts, it is crucial to consider the different material options available and their specific characteristics. Polyurethane, known for its durability and ability to withstand heavy loads, is ideal for smooth surfaces. On the other hand, rubber wheels provide reliable traction and shock resistance, making them the ideal choice for handling delicate materials. Nylon and polypropylene are versatile options that provide resistance to wear and chemicals, suiting a wide range of applications.

The proper wheel diameter can make a difference in manoeuvrability on uneven surfaces and the stability of transportation equipment. Choosing a medium to large diameter improves the manoeuvrability of logistics carts, which results in more efficient operation.

Safety is an unquestionable priority. The integration of braking systems into the castors is essential to avoid unwanted movements when handling goods. This not only reduces the risk of accidents, but also ensures safe and smooth operation.

The consequences of a poor choice of wheels can be serious. From premature wear to traction issues and instability, complications can seriously impact logistics operations. Additionally, increased energy consumption, floor damage and excessive noise are factors that not only generate additional costs but can also have a negative impact on the working environment.

Below we present some sets of wheels that you can find on our website for use on logistics carts.

Carro ZV-PGM
Diameter (mm)125 mm125 mm125 mm
Bandwidth (mm)34 mm36 mm32 mm
Load capacity (kg)350 kg225 kg120 kg
Plate dimensions (mm)106×86 mm106×86 mm105×80 mm
Hole spacing (mm)86/80×60 mm86/80×60 mm86/80×60 mm
Total height (mm)155 mm155 mm158 mm
Turning radius (mm)107 mm107 mm104 mm
Hole diameter (mm)8 mm8 mm8 mm
Minimum temperature (ºC)-30 ° C-20 ° C-20 ° C
Maximum temperature (ºC)+80 ° C+70 ° C+80 ° C

REMEMBER: Optimizing logistics cart castors not only improves operational efficiency, but also ensures staff safety and reduces costs associated with unnecessary maintenance and repairs. It’s a smart investment that makes the difference in the success of any logistics operation.

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