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Maximum safety in hospitals with Alex conductive castors.

conductive castors ruedas alex

You probably have suffered in the past a minor electric shock by touching a metal surface with your hand. To solve this usual problem with electrical conductivity, at Alex we have developed a 100% effective electrically conductive wheels highly recommended for the medical and healthcare sector.

What is a conductive wheel?

Alex conductive castors are those capable of discharging the static electricity from furniture (bed, chair, table…) to the ground. With these type of wheels that dissipate electricity, we will avoid such annoying and sometimes dangerous electric shocks.

Conductive castors are especially suitable for hospitals, operating rooms, stretchers and food factories among many other uses.

? You can easily identify an Alex conductive wheel thanks to its yellow dot stamped on the side of the wheel.

Advantages of a conductive castor.

Electrically conductive wheels bring many advantages to its users. Here are the most noticeable benefits:

⚡ They dissipate electricity with maximum effectiveness thanks to their construction made of a polypropylene core and a conductive gray polyurethane tyre.

? Smooth and quiet wheel thanks to the use of semi-soft materials optimized for hospital environments.

? Does not stain the floor. Made with a band of gray polyurethane that leaves no marks and protects the surface.

The best conductive wheels for hospitals.

At Ruedas Alex we have a specialised team and an industrial castors factory in Spain, which makes us able to offer customised mobility solutions to each specific client need.

If you are looking for electrically conductive castors for hospitals, clinics and healthcare activities, we recommend these models in particular:


  • Polypropylene centre and gray polyurethane tyre.
  • Built with light materials.
  • It can support until 40 Kgs.
  • Electrically conductive. It leaves no marks on the floor. Adapted for all type of surface.
  • Temperature range: from -25ºC to +80ºC.


  • Reinforced with double ball bearing and hardened races.
  • Wheel with ball bearing for easy manoeuvrability and easy use.
  • Maximum load capacity: 85kg.
  • Conductive. Does not scratch or stain the floor. Suitable for all types of surfaces.

If you are looking for electrically conductive castors for hospitals, industrial wheels or a customized mobility solution to your needs; do not hesitate to browse our catalogue of industrial and conductive wheels. Our ALEX specialists will be happy to assist you.

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