Industrial Applications

Custom-made heavy duty castors

Nowadays, heavy-duty industrial castors and wheels are the most convenient solution for very different companies and fields, not only do they make easier and quicker moving heavy loads but also improve the workers’ quality of life by reducing physical efforts.

Daily, we receive questions from different professionals about heavy duty castors and we would like to share with you the answers from Alex’s technical department. In this post, we will explain the 3 most frequently asked inquiries by customers looking for heavy duty castors for: industrial uses, public services, workshops, and other fields such as aeronautics, railways, automotive sector, and harbour industries.

Are heavy duty castors prepared to overcome obstacles?

We often find bumps on the floor that make difficult the movement of loads, but there is no problem, since the high load ALEX wheels and castors can perfectly overcome obstacles up to 5 mm in height, and the medium load castors, can deal with bumps up to 10 mm.

In our ALEX facilities we have a multi-purpose testing room where our quality team makes sure our castors and wheels comply with all the required needs in terms of strength, speed and effort among others.

Is it possible to manufacture an industrial castor with a brake and a directional lock, altogether?

Absolutely, at ALEX we have our own industrial castors and wheels factory and we have the capacity and the resources to design and manufacture the exact castor you need. If you are looking for a heavy duty castor with brake and directional lock, feel free to contact our sales department and we will give you the right solution to your needs.

Can we add a security foot protector to an ALEX industrial castor?

Indeed, we can fix a maximum security foot protector to the high load castor you need, regardless of whether it is a swivel or a fixed one. Furthermore, RUEDAS ALEX recommends doing so to avoid injuries and work accidents usually caused by overruns and collisions. This way, we can avoid bigger accidents, such as a wheel going over an employee’s foot. Moreover, these protections also help protect the wheel from all kind of kicks, making it last longer.

Our technical team is at your full disposal to help and advise you in your mobility needs and to offer you the right castor that best suits your working conditions. You can contact our technicians or browse our catalogue of industrial castors.

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