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HLB-NF Series: Our newly launched heavy duty castors

HLB NF wheel Ruedas Alex

After months of research and development, we are proud to introduce the latest combination of mobility and quality from our ALEX’s industrial castors factory. We are talking about the new HLB-NF Series and you can find all the details below:

What makes the HLB-NF different to the rest?

At ALEX we continuously work with a very clear objective in mind: to achieve a range of unique industrial castors that meet the demands of all of our customers, whatever their mobility needs happened to be.

The HLB-NF wheel is a reference point for industrial castors. This is because it has the highest load capacity with the smallest diameter possible. A wheel of only 10 cm height can perfectly take on a load of up to 1,250 kg, and a 15 cm wheel can deal with 2,750 kg without any problem.

What is the HLB series used for?

The range of HLB heavy duty industrial castors, is ideal for the industrial sector that must permanently handle heavy loads. Its use is highly recommended in logistics, outdoor spaces, mobile grandstands, transport tools, lifting platforms, tools for the aeronautical and automotive sector, factory maintenance and metallurgical & chemical industries. These kind of industrial polyamide wheels are also widely used in mechanical engineering projects.

Why is the HLB fork so resistant?

Whenever a heavy duty wheel is needed, you will have to use it with a high quality fork such as the ALEX’s HLB one. The bracket incorporates a double bearing swivel head for both axial and radial efforts.

Its vertical resistance makes it able to take on heavy loads without suffering any type of deformation, furthermore its lateral resistance makes it almost unbreakable to side impacts. The housing is made of welded steel up to 8 mm thick and is coated with a highly corrosion resistant paint to ensure its long-term service life.

The power of extra strong cast nylon

If you are looking for solid industrial castors, you are in luck. The NF wheel is made of a single block, which is non-deformable, thus giving it a great strength. These high-capacity ALEX’s wheels are made of high density extra strong cast nylon, a very hard material that ensures low friction with the ground, and therefore easier handling.

The industrial nylon wheels that we manufacture at ALEX are made of polyamide 6, a material that makes it a very resistant castor to adverse weather such as humid and saline environments.

To sum up this range of heavy duty castors can deal easily with bumps, any type of chemicals spills and wear and tear.   

If you are looking for industrial swivel castors, braked swivel castors with or any customized mobility solution adapted to your needs, we recommend you check our catalogue of heavy duty industrial castors. Our ALEX specialists will be happy to help you.

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