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Own Manufacturing and 24h Shipping: Ruedas Alex

Ruedas Alex is a company with over 65 years of experience in the design and manufacturing of industrial casters and furniture (mobility solutions). During all these years, we have always been very proud to be able to say that we are Spanish national castor manufacturers, because this gives us a much greater possibility of development and quality.

Meeting the needs of our customers

Being able to satisfy the needs of our customers, even the most demanding, is one of the great assets of our company. By designing our own wheels, we can carry out exhaustive tests and improve the features that we consider necessary to get the final product better, with the aim of extending its life span and meeting the needed requirements.

24-hour shipping service

We understand the importance of speed and efficiency in meeting our customers’ needs. That’s why our shipping service is within 24 hours.

We recognize that sometimes urgency is paramount, whether it’s to meet tight deadlines or receive a vital product quickly. Our express service ensures the delivery of your products in the shortest time possible, without sacrificing the quality or security of the shipment.

Customised solutions

Another aspect to consider is the possibility of designing and carrying out unusual projects that clients ask us for unconventional uses. In our CUSTOMERS – PROJECTS – ENGINEERS section, you will find unique products that have been manufactured and designed by our engineers.

You can find a link below:

*Custom solution to meet a specific need in an aircraft fuselage assembly line.

Checking and using high quality raw materials

All Ruedas Alex brackets and wheels are made with high quality components; this way, we guarantee that the useful life of the product is as long as possible, in addition to ensuring the proper functioning of the whole castor and increasing safety.

High quality steel (as per automotive industry standards), with a high elastic limit, is used in all housings.

Specialised team of professionals

Ruedas Alex has a large human team specialised in each area of the company, from engineers and homologators to customer service and sales.

We have experts who can help you in case of any doubts when choosing a caster for a specific use, technical homologators who can, in collaboration with engineers, design and manufacture a tailor-made wheel.

Huge range of products (4,500 references)

We have more than 4,500 references, which have different characteristics from each other. This allows us to cover many sectors and offer specific solutions, from heavy-duty 6,000 kg castors to furniture wheels.

You can download our catalogue in the following link:

Large stock and continuous manufacturing

Product stock is something that often worries some customers who need a large quantity of products immediately: we do not have this disadvantage.

In Fraga (Aragon) we have a logistics warehouse of more than 12,000 m2 and an extension of 8,000 m2 is underway.

By having continuous manufacturing, we ensure that we always have the maximum possible stock to avoid shortages.

Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction is clear every step of the way. By designing and manufacturing our own castors, we ensure total control of quality and adaptability. With a specialised team and a wide range of products, we satisfy even the most demanding needs. Our dedication to innovation and quality sets us apart in the market, supporting the trust of our customers. With huge stock and continuous production, we guarantee immediate solutions to every challenge.

Discover the difference of working with a manufacturer.

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