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The most robust and manoeuvrable castors for shopping trolleys

shopping trolley castors

We are sure, sometimes you have gone to a supermarket, and you have had to struggle with the shopping cart: some castors that do not turn, some others that turn too much, wheels that get stuck and stop running… When shopping, it is important to feel comfortable all the time, and having supermarket trolleys that are in good shape, is key for that.

At ALEX we have a huge range of castors for shopping trolleys that meet the extreme requirements in terms of quality and handling against greasy floors. Our castors are manoeuvrable, light, shock-resistant and have silent wheels. In addition, they are easy to wash.

You can find below our four best choices:

M-PGAIB Series

This wheel is made of injected grey rubber and is perfect to be mounted in shopping trolleys thanks to its easy handling and its vibrations absorption. It is also floor friendly: it leaves no marks or traces. Each castor can take between 50 and 90 kg.

Ruedas carros supermercado Ruedas Alex

M-PU Series

The M-PU series is a castor recommended for supermarket trolleys because it offers a longer life span with an outstanding wear resistance, and it is silent, clean and non-deformable. This wheel has been manufactured with injected polyurethane and offers excellent ease of movement and floor protection.

M-MEB Series

This castor for shopping carts is specially manufactured to stand securely on moving walkways (travelators) by incorporating shoe brakes and flanged wheels that makes it fully compatible and safe for mechanical ramps. The ring is made of injected polyurethane and each wheel can take up to 80 kg of weight.


This castor for shopping trolleys is made of injected grey thermoplastic rubber, which ensures an excellent floor protection: it does not leave any marks on the surface. The housing is made of high-quality polyamide reinforced with fiberglass. Its swivel head is built on a hardened double ball bearing. The HC series is designed to take loads up to 100 kg of weight per wheel.

Would you like to see more castors for supermarket trolleys? We invite you to check the Ruedas Alex website, with more than 4,000 different references. You will surely find the mobility solution you need, or if you prefer, you can contact one of our technical specialists and they will advise you personally.

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