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Ruedas Alex: 65 years leading the manufacture of industrial castors.

ruedas alex

With a catalogue of more than 4,000 references, at Ruedas Alex we are proud to be the pioneer company in Spain in the production of industrial castors and wheels as well as mobility solutions for all sectors. In fact, this year we are proud to announce that we are celebrating 65 years full of successes.

It all began in 1958 in Barcelona, by manufacturing castors for home appliances. One year later, and thanks to the opening of a new factory in Rubí, we decided to start manufacturing a wide range of industrial castors.

Over the years, we have gained experience and became well-known; this allowed us to start working for some of the most important companies in the industrial and hardware sector. It was the beginning of a leadership that we have managed to maintain until today.

The year 2000 was a new breakthrough for Ruedas Alex; in order to meet our customers’ requirements, we opened a new 4,000 m2 manufacturing plant in Martorell. Fourteen years later, we set up an innovative 12,000 m2 logistics center in Fraga to be able to guarantee castors shipments throughout Europe in a much more efficient way.

Nowadays, at Ruedas Alex we also have our own facilities in Latin America and we have been appointed by AENOR as an expert member for the renewal of the ISO regulations on domestic and industrial castors.

According to Jaime Asens, our CEO, “All of this would not have been possible without the people who made all the way along with us. Their enthusiasm, work and dedication made it possible for us to reach our 65th birthday with a great recognition by the market”.

Despite the new challenges of the world economy and the general uncertainty we are facing, at Ruedas Alex we are confident that we will continue to be the benchmark in manufacturing and distribution of industrial castors in our country, hopefully for some more 65 years.

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