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The importance of castors in the picking process in warehouses

To have an efficient logistics system, there are certain key points that must be considered, such as the processes of the workflow in which castors play a key role in optimizing lead times for orders and improving productivity.

The importance of choosing the right wheels within a logistics and distribution environment, where a series of tools are required, such as carts, pallet trucks or automated robots (AGVs), guarantees the effectiveness of the process and improves the workflow.

At Ruedas Alex, we have analyzed our customers’ needs to design and develop specific castors that will ensure comfortable and fast transportation, thus obtaining efficient logistics.

Here are some of the most sought-after wheels by our customers:


Pallet jacks and stackers are very useful in logistics as they allow you to transport a very heavy load with little effort. Additionally, the load is elevated to a minimum height from the ground, which facilitates manoeuvrability. They are ideal for loading and unloading trucks, organizing warehouses, and placing goods on shelves. At Ruedas Alex, we have 3 specific models according to your needs.


The manual carts that carry warehouse pickers have always been a very useful transportation tool, especially when it comes to medium-heavy loads. In logistics centers, several types of carts are used, such as trailer carts, hand carts, and specifically, picking carts. You can find below several castors designed specifically for these tools.:


Finally, AGVs are very practical and efficient for transporting loads through different areas of logistics centers by automating repetitive actions, thus increasing productivity. Every day, more AGVs are being implemented within the industrial sector, so at Ruedas Alex, we have studied the needs for our day-to-day use. These are some of the castors designed for these automations:

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