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Proper maintenance of castors in the industrial sector

Proper maintenance of castors in the industrial sector is essential to ensure the safety of workers and production. Lack of maintenance can cause early wear, which can lead to vibrations and unstable movements in the equipment. This wear may be due to lack of lubrication, accumulation of dirt, or exposure to adverse environmental conditions. Vibrations and unstable movements can have harmful effects on the efficiency and operation of industrial equipment

Next, we will show you some of the aspects to be checked to carry out a good maintenance:


It is important to visually inspect the wheels, checking for any type of damage such as wear, cracks, cuts or misalignment. We may also find dirt that blocks the proper functioning of the wheel axis.


It is highly recommended to clean the wheels with a damp or dry cloth to remove any build-up of dirt, grease, or debris.


Apply lubricant to the moving components, especially in the bearings of the upper swivel head and also to the wheel axis, to reduce friction and extend the life of the castor.


Check the tread to determine the amount of wear and whether the wheel needs to be replaced.

In wheels with brakes, special care should be taken to verify if the tread has uneven parts caused by prolonged braking of the wheel. In this case, it is very convenient to replace the wheel because the deformation has caused the wheel to lose its completely round shape.


Inflation pressure check (pneumatic wheels): It is necessary to verify the inflation pressure of the wheels with a tire pressure gauge. If the pressure is low or high, it will affect the behaviour and wear of the wheel.


If the castors have vibrations or unstable movements, it is necessary to check the alignment and balancing. In the brackets, it is important to check that the bearings are adjusted to ensure proper operation.

Performing these steps regularly will help maintain the wheels in good condition and prolong their life span. In addition, it will increase the safety of workers and production efficiency.

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