Industrial Applications

Industrial castors in the retail sector

Industrial castors play a key role in the retail sector by optimizing logistics operations and enhancing the experience for both employees and customers.

Let’s see some interesting applications of industrial wheels in this industry.

Shopping carts are essential in supermarkets and retail stores. Wheels enable smooth and silent movement, making it easier for customers to transport their purchases. Additionally, the castors offer excellent manoeuvrability, allowing effortless navigation through aisles while avoiding obstacles.

Many stores use mobile point of sale displays to optimize space and rearrange products. Industrial castors allow an easy movement of these elements. Castors with brakes also ensure stability once the displays are in the required position.

In warehouses and large retail spaces, internal transport carts are commonly used for moving goods. Industrial wheels with high load capacity facilitate the movement of these carts, even on uneven floors, contributing to efficient and safe logistics.

Mobile platforms are used in stores and warehouses for tasks such as restocking products on high shelves. Industrial wheels enable employees to move around easily, saving time and effort.

Safety is also crucial for us; at Ruedas Alex, we offer castors with brakes that provide stability and safety when stopped at a specific position.

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