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Decorative castors are a growing trend in interior design. These small elements offer versatility by allowing furniture to be easily moved and adapted to different needs. In addition to their functionality, they add an interesting aesthetic touch, personalizing the decoration.

Some of the main advantages offered by castors in your home furniture are:

  • They facilitate cleaning by providing access to all areas.
  • In small areas, wheels maximize their use by allowing furniture to be moved and stored efficiently.

Decorative wheels combine style and practicality, making them an appealing option for interior design.

At Ruedas Alex, we offer models that are currently trending:


The BH-PGI BLACK wheel is a versatile and reliable option for a wide range of applications. It is made of injected grey rubber that does not scratch the floor and offers smooth and silent movement. It can take loads of up to 60 kg, making it suitable for displays, furniture, stools, showcases, and coat racks. The castor features a black-painted steel fork and double ball bearing for increased stability.

The BH bracket with PGI wheel is a durable and functional option that protects the floor and provides easy and silent movement.


The CLR wheel from our decoration range is perfect for a variety of furniture and interior spaces. It is recommended for DIY projects, fashion stores, interior design, and home furniture design. The wheel support is made of sheet steel and has a polished chrome finish, providing an elegant look.

It is fixed using a swivel plate and the rim features a ball bearing on the axle for smooth gliding. Additionally, it is available with a brake for added safety.

The CLR wheel is a versatile and stylish choice to add functionality and style to your furniture and interior spaces.



Our BH-SLC castor from the BH series is ideal for sectors with medium load requirements. Its versatility makes it appropriate in a wide variety of places such as hospitality, displays, counters, furniture, dining areas, restaurants, and more. This castor has a galvanized steel bracket and offers fixing options through a swivel plate or through a bolt hole. It is also available with a double brake for added safety. The wheel is made of polycarbonate, and its design allows an easy and silent movement, providing good floor protection. The BH-SLC castor is a reliable, versatile, and high-quality option for such different applications in various sectors.


These are just two examples of our design castors. We invite you to visit our website and discover everything Ruedas Alex has for you.

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