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(FAQs #1) Ruedas Alex Questions and Answers

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At Ruedas Alex, we are committed to providing personalized advice to all our customers, backed by a team of highly trained specialists. Our team is here to address hundreds of daily inquiries, and we have noticed that some of these questions are recurring. That’s why we have decided to share with you the answers to these frequently asked questions, whether to provide an immediate response or to help you with any possible future doubts.

Here are some common questions that often arise, along with a detailed explanation for each:

CUSTOMER QUESTION: Do your wheels have a quality certificate?

At Ruedas Alex, we consider the quality of our products a fundamental priority. That’s why all our wheels have a quality certificate, which guarantees that our products have undergone rigorous evaluations and testing. This certificate is a testament to the quality and safety of our products.

Furthermore, we are proud to highlight that we are a national manufacturer. We design and manufacture all our products with the aim of offering the highest possible quality. At Ruedas Alex, we are committed to our values and corporate social responsibility (CSR), ensuring that our products meet the most demanding standards.

CUSTOMER QUESTION: Do you have wheels resistant to chemical products? 

At Ruedas Alex, we understand that resistance to chemical agents is a common concern for many of our customers. As specialized manufacturers of industrial wheels, we subject our products to rigorous testing to ensure their durability against various chemical products. In our catalog nº32, specifically on page 14, you will find a practical table that shows the different types of rims available, classified according to their material and their resistance capacity to over 180 chemical agents and organic oils.

CUSTOMER QUESTION: Do you have wheels for trash containers? Which ones would they be?

Wheels for trash containers are highly requested by our customers, and we understand the importance of choosing the right ones. Our specialized technicians recommend wheel sizes from 160 to 200, and below are two ideal models:

ZV-PS Series: These wheels are made of natural black rubber. They are especially recommended for supporting loads of up to 215 kg.

ZV-BS: These wheels have a metal core and a black rubber tread. They are ideal for supporting loads of up to 250 kg.

Both models stand out for their smooth and silent movement, in addition to providing maximum floor protection. They also offer excellent shock and vibration absorption, ensuring optimal performance.

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