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Castors for outdoor furniture

Outdoor furniture castors play a key role in outdoor retail, especially displays. These wheels offer significant benefits by improving the mobility and versatility of display furniture, which is especially useful in stores located on boardwalks and other outdoor environments.

Effortless mobility is one of the main advantages of display casters. They allow you to easily rearrange furniture to adapt to changing customer needs and to take advantage of strategic locations in the store. With a simple push, displays can be moved without additional effort, saving time, and avoiding any possible damage to the furniture during the relocation process.

Additionally, outdoor furniture castors provide exceptional versatility. In outdoor souvenir shops, for example, they can be used in different areas of the store depending on the season. During summer, showcases can easily be moved outside, attracting passers-by, and taking advantage of the pleasant weather. These wheels are also ideal for outdoor events and trade shows, where mobility and adaptability are crucial. With them, showcases can be moved without complications, allowing a flexible and attractive configuration to show products effectively.

You can see below two options with different features:

The black IG-IG series

The black IG-IG series: a great option in polypropylene wheels. Designed to take loads of up to 100 kg, they are ideal for medium loads. They are recommended for clinical furniture, display cases, counters, and chests.

These black IG series castors offer additional benefits: they do not leave marks on the floor and allow smooth movement even when carrying loads.

Ruedas para muebles de exterior

I-PGI series

I-PGI series: grey rubber wheels designed to take loads up to 50 kg. These casters are widely used in different sectors such as cold rooms, counters, bookstores, offices, fashion stores and store interiors.

With their polypropylene core and grey rubber tread, these wheels are robust, silent and do not scratch the floor. In addition, its working temperature can go from -20ºC to +60ºC.

Ruedas para muebles de exterior

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