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Laboratory equipment with castors

Laboratory material plays a key role in research and development processes. Particularly, laboratory equipment on wheels has become very relevant, as it offers a practical and efficient solution for moving equipment and supplies within a work environment. In this article, we will see the different applications of wheeled laboratory equipment and its importance in optimizing industrial processes..

Laboratory carts with castors

Laboratory carts with castors are a versatile and functional option for transporting equipment, reagents, samples, and supplies within the industrial environment. With multiple shelves or trays, these carts allow efficient distribution of material, facilitating quick and organized access to the elements necessary to carry out daily tasks.

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Wheeled Laboratory table

In addition to lab carts, rolling tables are a popular choice in the industrial environment. These tables offer flexibility and mobility, allowing the workspace to be quickly adapted to changing needs. Its wheeled design makes it easy to move them, which is especially useful when rearranging your work environment or moving the table to different locations.

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Autoclave carts in the industrial environment

Autoclaves play a crucial role in sterilizing instruments and materials in the industrial environment. Some autoclave models are equipped with wheeled carts, making them easy to transport and store. This feature is especially beneficial when you need to sterilize items in different areas of the laboratory or share equipment between multiple departments.

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