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Castors for Pallet Furniture

Nowadays, making furniture with wooden pallets has become an art. These structures, also known as pallets, have revolutionized interior and exterior design. In this article we will explore the benefits of adding casters to pallet furniture and how at Ruedas Alex we can offer you several models perfect for this new trend.

The current trend of building furniture with wooden pallets

Wooden pallets have a significant advantage: being versatile and inexpensive structures, they are ideal for transforming spaces. Whether in gardens or indoors, pallet furniture brings a rustic yet modern touch to any space.

The benefits of adding wheels to pallet furniture

One of the main advantages of using pallet wheels is the mobility they provide. Installing castors on this piece of furniture makes it easy to move, allowing you to easily rearrange the space and adapt it to your changing needs.

In addition, the wheels also protect the floor by reducing the direct friction of the wooden legs, preventing damage and scratches.

Ruedas Alex, the perfect solution for pallet furniture

At Ruedas Alex we offer a wide variety of castor models specially designed for furniture with pallets. Our products combine durability, resistance, and aesthetic design; we are sure that it will be the ideal choice to complement your designs with pallets. Whether you need swivel or fixed castors, with or without brakes, our catalogue offers the perfect option for every need.

Ci-dessous, nous vous proposons quelques options qui pourraient vous intéresser :

Load capacityUp to 125 KgUp to 400 Kg
Wheel materialWhite polypropyleneWhite Polypropylene
Bracket thicknessUp to 2 mmUp to 4 mm
FinishingPolished zinc platedPolished zinc plated
Working temperatura-20ºC ÷ +60ºC-20ºC ÷ +60ºC
Ease of movementVery GoodVery Good
Noise during movementSatisfyingSatisfying
Floor protectionSatisfyingSatisfying

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