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Roller boat cradles

Boat cradles are perfect for storing, maintaining, and transporting boats of various sizes. They are made with high-strength materials, such as galvanized steel or aluminium: these structures being designed in a U or V shape, provide a stable and safe hold to safeguard the boats.

Features of roller boat cradles:

Castors make it easy to move to storage areas, maximizing productivity and saving time and resources.

Additionally, casters protect cribs and boats from damage by preventing direct sliding across the floor, ensuring their integrity during storage or transportation.

The effortless mobility of boat cradles facilitates logistics in confined or high-traffic spaces, contributing to a more efficient and profitable operation. Additionally, the comprehensive protection provided by the castors extends service life and reduces long-term maintenance costs.

At Ruedas Alex we have the perfect models for the requested requirements; we can talk to you about two that are very versatile for boat cradles:

cuna para barcos
cunas de barco

Extra strong double nylon wheel, perfect for heavy loads up to 2,500 kg. Made of welded steel, resistant to impacts and shocks. It offers easy and quiet movement, with satisfactory floor protection and a temperature range of -30ºC to +80ºC.

High density, extra strong cast nylon wheels, resistant to chemicals and abrasion. Can take loads of up to 6,000 kg with great resistance to shock and impact. Made from forged steel and precision ball bearings. Its temperature range is -30ºC to +80ºC.

It offers easy and quiet movement, with satisfactory floor protection.

cunas de barco

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