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Castors on tennis and paddle-tennis ball carts


Commonly used wheels are made of durable rubber or polypropylene, providing wear resistance and solid traction on various terrain surfaces. They vary in size and design to meet different needs, from larger wheels for uneven terrain (as in clay courts) to smaller options for easy manoeuvring in tight spaces.

Systems and combinations

Swivel casters provide easy steering and mobility, especially useful for efficiently picking up balls during intense training and matches.

Castor durability is essential for consistent performance, ensuring they can support the weight of the cart and withstand daily wear and tear. Some carts also feature built-in braking systems, providing additional stability and preventing unwanted movement when the cart is not in use.

Installation and change of castors

The possibility of easily replacing the casters guarantees the operational continuity of the trolley. In short, the right choice of wheels makes the difference in terms of mobility, durability, and efficiency, thus becoming a good investment.

carros de pelotas

We provide you with a short summary so that you take the main points into account when choosing a castor for tennis paddle-tennis ball carts.

  • Types of castors: Fixed, swivel, with brake.
  • Diameter and design: 50mm to 150 mm
  • Castor arrangement: different combinations can be made, from completely swivel to a combination with fixed wheels.
  • Durability: quality of materials
  • Ease of replacement: at Ruedas Alex we have huge stocks and a high production capacity.
  • Find out how Ruedas Alex can improve your next training or match.

Find out how Ruedas Alex can improve your next training or match.

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