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Safety at work: Industrial castors

Workplace safety is paramount in any working environment, and choosing the right industrial casters plays a crucial role in this.

We will then see the most common points when choosing a castor:

Load capacity:

Selecting castors with the right load capacity is essential to avoid collapses and injuries. A wheel that supports the appropriate weight ensures the stability of the machinery, ensuring the safety of workers and equipment.

Tread and wheel centre material:

Adequate treads guarantee efficient and safe rolling, thus avoiding accidents. These elements are essential to the safety of workers and the integrity of the products moved.

Diameter and support surface:

Proper wheel size, especially on rough terrain, is crucial. Proper diameter improves manoeuvrability and reduces the risk of overturning, ensuring operations in various environments.

Resistance to temperature and chemicals

Wheel manufacturing materials are one of the most important elements for their performance and durability in unusual temperature conditions. Choosing the right type of castor is essential, especially those designed for extreme temperatures.

Another point to consider when choosing the appropriate caster is to evaluate the compatibility of the materials with the chemical conditions of the environment, including temperature, humidity, and possible electrostatic phenomena. Given the diversity and frequency of chemicals present in working environments, this aspect must be carefully considered when choosing the appropriate casters.

Speed and manoeuvrability

Castors designed to withstand specific speeds and to provide good manoeuvrability reduce the risk of collisions and injuries. The ability to manoeuvre safely is essential to maintaining the integrity of equipment and workers.

Fixed, swivel, braked or with foot-protector castors?

Knowing which castors to choose depending on the situation in which they will operate is ideal for obtaining better performance and avoiding accidents that may be due to improper use.

We must always consider the configuration options that exist depending on the work we are going to carry out.

Below, we show you the most used options:

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