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Directional lock and brake: safety and precision in industrial castors

At Ruedas Alex, the safety and performance of industrial wheels are fundamental factors for us. In industrial environments, precision and control are essential to avoid accidents and increase efficiency. That’s why we offer safety systems including directional lock and wheel brakes to ensure safe and reliable operation in all circumstances.

Some of our industrial casters are equipped with directional lock systems and wheel brakes, which are activated at the same time by a single mechanism. This ensures an exceptional level of precision and safety in all industrial applications.

Directional locks

Directional locks are essential components of industrial wheels: they allow the direction of a castor to be fixed in a specific position. These devices are widely used in industrial equipment, heavy machinery, freight carts and other vehicles where precise control of wheel direction is required.

Directional locks use brakes or clamps to lock the wheels in a specific position. For example, on a cart, the steering brakes can be activated to lock the front wheels in a straight line, ensuring linear and precise movement.

Our directional locks are designed with a focus on safety and efficiency to meet the demands of strict industrial environments.

Wheel brakes:

Industrial wheel brakes are another crucial part of our safety systems. They are designed to stop or slow the movement of a wheel on industrial equipment or heavy machinery. Its function is vital in applications where it is necessary to control the movement of the wheels to guarantee the safety and efficiency of the process.

Ruedas Alex wheel brakes work as follows:

Our brakes feature a manually activated braking mechanism, providing flexibility of use to suit the specific needs of the task.

Our devices meet the tire of the wheel when activating the brake, generating friction to stop the movement. They are made from wear-resistant materials such as cast iron, steel, or composite materials to ensure a long service life.

At Ruedas Alex, we design high-quality security systems that meet the most demanding industry standards. Our directional lock and wheel brake provide precise control and safe stopping, contributing to safety and efficiency in a wide range of industrial applications.

At Ruedas Alex we have different models that we are sure will meet your needs:

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