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Castors for the agricultural sector

In the agricultural sector, wheels are a key element of efficiency and success. It must be borne in mind that there are many tools and machines with which we work in the field, one of its essential components being the castors. There are pneumatic and industrial wheels, and both play a vital role, each with different attributes that make them ideal for different situations.

Pneumatic wheels:

These air-filled wheels are renowned for their ability to absorb impacts and provide a smooth ride even on rough terrain. Their tire design varies depending on the application, from muddy terrain to dry surfaces. Pneumatic castors minimize soil compaction by distributing weight evenly, promoting healthy crop growth. They are also ideal for machines.

Industrial wheels:

These solid castors are designed to withstand the rigorous conditions of agricultural environments. Made with durable materials such as polyurethane, nylon or rubber, they provide resistance to punctures and wear.

Industrial casters are ideal for stationary equipment, such as agricultural trailers and cargo handling equipment, where stability and load capacity are crucial.

ruedas para campo

The main differences between the two, lie in their design and purpose. Pneumatic wheels excel in mobility and traction on changing terrain, while industrial wheels are the choice for stationary equipment requiring durability.

In modern agriculture, where productivity and soil conservation are essential, choosing the right castors is a strategic decision. Whether you need optimal grip on uneven fields or reliable strength on stationary machines, agricultural wheels play a crucial role every step of the way. Choose wisely, these wheels not only move equipment, but also help your crops and business thrive.

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