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How to replace office chair castors


The office chair is one of the most practical and comfortable invention that exists nowadays, but depending on the quality of the castors we use, it is very likely that we will have to replace them shortly after using them, because they are broken, they dirty and scratch the floor or they are not moving smoothly. For this reason, from Ruedas Alex we recommend you to always use top brands castors for office chairs.

Below we explain how to change the castors of an office chair in a simple and safe way, let’s go!

Steps to change office chair castors

Replacing office chair castors is very easy and you can do it by yourself with a couple of basic tools and following the advices we give you below:

Step 1: Choose your wheel

The first thing you have to do is going to your trusted hardware store and buy castors that are the same or similar to the ones your chair has. Another option, if you prefer, is to replace all of them with new and reliable ones and avoid future troubles, that is always a good option. In Ruedas Alex we have a wide range of wheels for office chairs.

A lot of people wonder if it is better to use a single wheeled castor or a twin wheel one. We recommend using twin wheeled castors as they share the weight in a more convenient way, and therefore ensure a longer lifetime.

Step 2: Flip the chair

Place the chair upside down, with the back on the floor or any stable surface. This position will leave the wheels in the air and will help you to handle them much more easily.

Step 3: Take the castor out

Now comes the time for the key question: Is it a castor with a threaded stem or with a grip ring stem? Differentiating the types of wheels for office chairs is very easy:

  • The threaded stem castors will fall off the chair leg once you have turned the wheel clockwise enough. If you notice the wheel moving in the same direction, keep turning until it comes out completely.
  • Castors with a grip ring stem will not unscrew, so you will have to apply lubricating oil to the spot where the castor meets the chair, and then give it a pull. We recommend using a towel or a rag for a better grip. However, if the castor does not budge, use a flat-head screwdriver in between the castor and the chair and turn it slowly until the castor moves upward.

Step 4: Install a new castor

If you have a threaded castor, screw it in your chair’s leg with your hands, until it stops turning. For a grip ring stem castor, push the castor’s stem into the chair leg and push it in as far as possible. You can help the stem click into place by seating on the chair and gently pressing.

We hope this guide will help you through the replacement process. We recommend you follow our Alex industrial castors blog to be up to date with the latest news on mobility solutions for your company.

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