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The 3 best castors for AGVs


AGVs are automatic vehicles designed to handle loads horizontally by pulling wheeled carts. They are the perfect tool to move materials automatically in production facilities and logistics centres looking to increase productivity.

These wheeled carts use industrial castors such as the ones manufactured by Ruedas Alex. You will find below the main specifications for our Top 3 recommended castors for AGVs.

Advantages of using industrial castors for AGVs

2 main benefits:

  • Easy load handling.
  • Maximum floor protection

Different kind of castors for AGVs

At Alex we can offer a huge range of industrial castors to fulfil the needs of highly specialised companies in technological innovation. You can find below more details about our 3 best castors for AGVs.

HLB series with HUAB wheel

  • Cast polyurethane tread
  • Cast iron centre
  • Round profile (Crowned running tread)
  • 95º Shore A Hardness
  • Load capacity up to 800 kg
  • Working temperature range from 60ºC to -20ºC
  • Tyre color: orange
  • Suggested Alex castors2-3535 (swivel castor) and 2-3541 (directional lock castor)

SSLR series with AUSB Wheel

  • White cast polyurethane tyre
  • Aluminium centre
  • 88º Shore A hardness
  • Load capacity up to 750 kg
  • Working temperature range: 60ºC and -20º C
  • Tyre colour: White
  • Suggested Alex castors: 2-4191 (swivel castor).
  • Recommended for speeds up to 16km/h

ZVR Series with AUAGB Wheel

  • Round profile (Crowned running tread): requires minimum effort to handle
  • Green cast polyurethane tread.
  • Aluminium centre
  • 80º Shore A hardness
  • Load capacity up to 650 kg
  • Working temperature range: 60ºC to -20ºC
  • Tyre colour: green
  • Suggested Alex castor2-4387 (castor with directional lock).

We hope this article helped you identifying the best AGVs castors for your business. However, if you have any doubt, do not hesitate to contact our Ruedas Alex specialists.

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