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Comparing our best AGV and mobile robots castors

In recent years, there has been a significant increase in the demand of AGV (Automatic Guided Vehicles) especially in the logistics and industrial sectors. We expect the mobile robots market to reach 12.5 billion euro in 2027, more than twice the current figures.

With this huge increase in mind, at Ruedas Alex we decided to develop specific castors for these AGV and robots. We currently have 3 models available in our industrial wheels catalogue.

Our ALEX AGV wheels guarantee an easy movement of the load and an excellent floor protection. They do not leave any marks or stains and do not cause cracks on the floor.


How are Alex’s AGV wheels?

At Ruedas Alex we currently have 3 models available for mobile robots to meet the needs of the companies specialized in technological innovation:

  • HLB HUAB Series: can take loads up to 800 Kgs per castor.
  • SLR AUSB Series, the fastest (recommended for movement up to 16 km/h).
  • ZVR AUAGB Series, which offer the best floor protection.

Nowadays, at Alex, we have our castors for robots running in some of the best Spanish automotive factories. We plan to keep expanding our AGV and robot castors & wheels to strengthen even more, our catalogue for multi-purpose castors.

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