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The 5 easiest heavy-duty castors to move

One of the key factors when choosing a heavy duty castor is the ease of movement. It is about how much force you need to do in order to keep the load moving constantly.

It is not just about efficiency but also about workers’ safety: handling heavy loads with easy to move industrial castors ensures less effort and reduces risk of injuries.

You will find below our TOP 5 heavy duty castors which are the easiest to move, available at Ruedas Alex.

NF Wheel

This wheel, made of  extra strong reinforced cast Nylon can take loads up to 6.000 kg with a great ease of movement, thanks to its sturdy material (80º Shore D hardness). Furthermore it withstands working temperatures from 80ºC to -30ºC, but in order to prevent overheating that may affect rolling effectiveness, short working periods are recommended.   

This is a unique model as it is the castor with the highest load capacity with the smallest diameter. It is highly recommended in logistics activities, outdoor areas, mobile grandstands, transport equipment, lifting platforms, transport equipment, aeronautic and automobile industries, and metal and chemical industries. This type of nylon wheels are suitable for mechanical engineering projects and are especially recommended to be used in large mechanical pallet trucks.

TA Wheel

TA model from Ruedas Alex is made of cast iron (95º HRB hardness) and can withstand working temperatures from -90ºC to 600ºC. For the ball bearing version, working temperature should be between -40ºC and 150ºC and for temperatures beyond 200ºC load (kg) should be reduced by 40%.

PO Wheel

Our PO model is made of a white nylon centre and a red tread injected polyurethane, which makes it a heavy duty wheel with great ease of movement. Great floor protection and leaves no grooves or marks of any kind on the floor. 60º Shore D hardness and can take loads up to 600kg.

HUAB Wheel

Our HUAB model is made of a cast iron centre and a cast polyurethane tread that can take loads up to 800kg and resist temperatures from -20ºC to 60ºC. It has a 95º Shore A hardness, and unless other models, has a convex (round shaped) tread, which gives it an excellent rolling and less turning resistance.

This is a very commonly used wheel for AGVs & robots, the popular automated guided vehicles, especially designed to move loads horizontally by pulling carts. If you are interested in knowing our best castors for AGVs, at Ruedas Alex we have models especially designed for that use.

FT Wheel

The FT wheel, made of extra strong Nylon, is recommended for heavy duties and can take up to 2.400kg with no problem and a reduced effort. Working temperature range goes from -30ºC to 80ºC and has a 75º Shore D hardness. Very used in aeronautic industries, cargo ports, military missions and gantry cranes, amongst many other applications.

With the above information, you can already choose between our easy rolling heavy duty castors, and we invite you to discover our industrial castors catalogue with more than 4.000 different references.

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