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Custom-made castors for a project in the aeronautical sector

Recently, an important aviation MRO company for civil aircrafts contacted us to help them move huge and heavy pieces inside the airplanes’ maintenance hangar.

Their need was clear enough and to accomplish the project we suggested heavy duty castors easy to move and with the lowest possible height in order not to interfere with their own transport equipment that was already built.

Having in mind all the above criteria, we also had to offer a sturdy and durable castor, and therefore we decided to go for the extra-strong cast nylon wheel with a bracket specially designed for this project.

After several tests with our customer, the result was completely satisfying, and our customer decided to approve our industrial castor for its use all over their maintenance centres in the whole Spain.

At Ruedas Alex, we have a catalogue with more than 4 000 different references, but in the case you cannot find the right castor for you, we develop and manufacture custom-made castors to the highest standards.

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