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Partition walls on wheels: versatility and design

Room dividers are essential elements in the architecture and decoration of bars, as they have the function of separating the different areas of the establishment, while adding a touch of style and privacy to customers. In this blog, we’ll explain you what room dividers are, the benefits of rolling ones, and the different types that can be found in bars.

What are room dividers?

Room dividers have a dual function, since in addition to providing privacy, they also contribute to the overall aesthetic of the establishment. In a bar, they can separate entertainment areas, private meeting spaces or even demarcate a reading and relaxation area.

Advantages of rolling room dividers:

Rolling room dividers offer many benefits that make them a very practical option for bars:

Mobility: Equipped with casters, these dividers are very mobile and easy to rearrange. During special events or when you need to create a larger space, they can be effortlessly moved to accommodate the bar’s changing needs.

Design flexibility: movable dividers allow you to maintain flexibility in the distribution of furniture. This is especially useful for bars that want to host different types of events or activities, as they can change the layout of the space quickly and easily.

– Matches Bar Aesthetic: These dividers come in a wide variety of materials, providing the flexibility to match the overall bar aesthetic. From wooden screens that add warmth to glass panels that add a modern touch, the choice of materials can enrich the style of the establishment.

Types of room dividers:

Among the variety of room dividers that can be found in bars, we highlight two options:

– Screens and panels: They are versatile and easy to use. They allow you to create visual divisions between the different areas of the bar and are easily adjusted according to the changing needs of the establishment.

Plants and Vertical Gardens: The incorporation of natural elements such as plants and vertical gardens is booming in bar interior design. Not only do they separate spaces, but they also improve air quality and create a fresh, relaxing atmosphere.

Options recommended by Alex Ruedas:

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divisores de ambiente

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