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Flight cases with wheels

Flight Cases (also called Road Cases or ATA Cases) are transport containers designed to protect delicate equipment and items during transport. They are made from sturdy, durable materials, such as plywood, metal or heavy-duty plastic, and are usually lined with foam or padded materials on the inside to provide additional protection.

Flight cases with Ruedas Alex castors:

Adding castors to these boxes brings significant advantages. First, wheels increase mobility, allowing easier transportation, especially for heavy equipment and over long distances. In addition, it reduces physical effort, avoiding lifting and carrying the equipment, thus avoiding possible injuries, and making transport more comfortable.

Agility and speed are essential advantages in situations where equipment must be set up and taken down quickly, such as during concert tours or traveling events. They also offer greater versatility, allowing easy movement in all directions, even in tight spaces or with obstacles.

Another advantage is the reduced risk of damage, as the wheels prevent falls or bumps during manual transport. Additionally, they allow greater storage flexibility, making it easier to reorganize space and access other stored equipment.

Although not all flight cases are manufactured with castors, many offer the option of integrating them. It is crucial to ensure that the wheels are strong and of high quality to withstand the weight and repeated use over time.

At Ruedas Alex we have different models that we are sure will meet your needs:

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