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Comparison of the best high temperature wheels

Nowadays, there are multiple businesses that work in extreme environments and need to use high temperature wheels to facilitate the movement of machinery, cars and transport platforms. Examples of such activities include food factories, bakeries, furnaces, smelters, metallurgy and the healthcare sector.

In working conditions were the temperatures are high, the resistance of the components and materials of the industrial wheels used is crucial to ensure efficient mobility. We will explain below how to choose the best wheel for high temperature depending on your needs and your industrial activity.

How to choose a high temperature wheel

When deciding on a heat resistant wheel, it is important to have in mind the following factors so it perfectly meets your mobility needs:

  • Working temperature: the maximum and minimum temperature the wheel can be exposed and for how long. It should withstand at least 200ºC.M
  • Wheel material: The components must be heat resistant and not deteriorate, for example like resin.
  • Load capacity: the wheel must be able to withstand loads of 100 kg onwards to be effective.
  • Ease of movement: must allow effortless fluid manoeuvres.
  • Noise during movement: for comfort, they are advised to be as quiet as possible.
  • Ground protection: the material of the wheel must be respectful with the surface on which it is moving and avoid leaving stains, traces or causing cracks.

Comparison of high temperature wheels

There are currently a lot of solutions of high temperature resistant industrial wheels, but not all of them meet the necessary quality and durability requirements. You will find below the difference between 3 Ruedas Alex castor models in the following comparative table:

Analysis of the best high temperature wheels

Our industrial wheels specialists will detail all the characteristics and advantages of the best wheels for high temperature. Let’s go!

ZV Series TD Wheel

It is a reinforced resin wheel able to withstand temperatures up to 200ºC. It is very resistant, as it can work with loads of up to 400 Kg per castor with no problem. Hardness is 75º shore D. This wheel offers an excellent rolling and a great manoeuvrability.

ZV Series TT Wheel

Ruedas Alex’s ZV-TT is made of a resin able to withstand temperatures up to 280ºC in 30 minutes intervals. It can take loads up to 125 Kg per wheel and hardness is 90º shore D. This wheel ensures ease of movements with no force required.

ZV Series THG Wheel

Unlike the previous high temperature wheels, the ZV-THG series is made of special black rubber that can withstand up to 250ºC in 30 minutes intervals. As it is made of rubber, it offers a maximum floor protection and is noiseless. Hardness for this model is 80º shore A.

We hope this comparison of the best high temperatures wheels helped you to choose your best mobility option for your company. If it is not clear to you, we recommend you to consult Ruedas Alex catalogue of industrial wheels, with more than 4.000 references.

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