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Castors for clinical furniture and hospital dropper holders.

Nowadays, any healthcare activity must have new generation equipments. This implies having clinical furniture that may be easy to move without requiring physical efforts from the health staff.

In the following article we will talk about all the advantages to use Alex’s hospital furniture castors and we will answer some frequently asked questions in the healthcare sector.

Advantages of using castors for hospital furnitures.

Mounting quality castors on hospital beds, auxiliary furniture or hospital dropper holders will facilitate fast and stable movements in difficult circumstances and health emergencies.

It is also very common to move these equipments from one room to another constantly, so not only it is necessary that they include castors, but those have to run perfectly, in order to avoid any critical mistake. That is why it is so important to have top quality castors, such as the ones manufactured in Spain by Ruedas Alex.

These are some of the benefits to install castors on clinical furniture:

  • Fast movements (important in case of emergency)
  • Minimum physical demands (to avoid injuries)
  • Floor protection (no stains or scratches)
  • Silent running
  • Stability of the moved furniture

PGI Wheel for hospital furniture

These are the main figures of the Ruedas Alex’s PGI wheel:

  • Polyamide centre
  • Grey rubber tread (protects the floor, does not stain)
  • 90º shore A hardness
  • Working temperature from -20ºC to +60ºC
  • Thread guards available
  • Silent running
Rueda PGI de Ruedas Alex

Series B fork for clinical furniture

You can find below all the details for our B Series fork, manufactured by Ruedas Alex:

  • Pressed steel up to 2 mm thick
  • Bracket with ball bearing
  • 50mm and 60mm diameter rubber wheels
  • Thread guards included for the Ø50mm and Ø60mm rubber wheels
  • Can take from 15 to 40 kgs per castor
  • Zinc plated finishing
Horquilla Serie B de Ruedas Alex

If you are looking for hospitals, clinics or health centres castors’, do not hesitate to have a look at our clinical furniture castors catalogue. Our ALEX specialists will be glad to assist you.

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