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Design castors for house furniture

furniture castors

Nowadays, changing compositions and mobile furniture are very stylized, thus decoration castors have become a key component when it is time to furnish and decorate house spaces.

Design castors must meet two mandatory requirements. Firstly, they must be efficient, this means they must take easily the load and have a smooth and silent rolling and they must not leave marks on the floor. On the other hand, they have to offer an interesting design able to adapt to the furniture they will be attached to.

You will find below some of our most requested decoration castors. Remember that all our models are available in Ruedas Alex.

CLR wheel

Alex’s CLR decorative castors range is recommended for interior furniture, tables, side tables, exhibits, decoration, displays, showcases, stools, hair salons, commercial spaces, fashion stores, design and home furniture.

These swivel castors are available with brake in diameters 40, 50 and 60 mm. The fork is made of resistant steel and features with a polished chrome finish.

BDT castor

BDT design castors are made of a polycarbonate centre and a polyurethane tread, which makes it a very good looking transparent wheel. It’s an elegant and original finishing ideal for several uses, from home furniture to counters for shops, great for interior design projects.

This Alex swivel castor move has a smooth rolling, it is available with brake, in diameter 50 and 75mm and can take loads up to 60 Kgs per castor.

DKM castor

The DKM furniture and design castor is made with a nylon ring and a beech wood finishing. Its rustic aesthetic makes it an ideal wheel for the domestic and catering sector. Some application examples are: home furniture, displays, showcases, fashion stores and design furniture.

This swivel castor is available with brake, in diameter 50, 60 and 75 mm and can take loads up to 80 Kgs per castor.

Do you want to see more design castors? We invite you to have a look at our Alex castors and wheels catalogue, with more than 4.000 references; amongst them you can find castors for auxiliary furniture, colour castors, and domestic and hospitality castors.

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