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Heavy duty castors for aeronautics industry.

Aerospace industry is one of the toughest at all levels, and this is why it requires heavy duty castors built to withstand its extreme conditions in terms of quality and resistance. You will find below the best castors for this sector and let us remind you that you will be able to find all theses castors and many more in our Ruedas Alex catalogue.

How should a castor for aeronautics be?

A castor for the aerospace industry should be, above all, resistant:

  • Special for heavy duties, up to 6.000kg per castor!
  • High corrosion resistance
  • High absorption to shocks and impacts
  • Wear and abrasion resistance
  • Easy travelling

You will discover now the castors recommended by our technical department for the aeronautics industry, depending on the required use.

HLR-NF series, the most resistant castor

This castor is perfect for aeronautics and car industry, industrial maintenance and chemical and metallurgical industries. Its capacity for heavy duties is astonishing, as each castor is built to take up to 6000 kg without any problem.

Very recommended for transport equipment, outdoor areas, mobile grandstands, internal logistics, lifting platforms, and aerospace and metallurgical industry. 

These nylon wheels are frequently used for mechanical engineering projects and for big powered pallet trucks due to its ease of movement.

HLR-HU series: twin wheel heavy duty castor

This is a twin wheel with cast iron centre and cast polyurethane tread with 95º Shore A hardness, especially designed to support loads up 4000 kg. This castor for the aeronautics industry is also used for transport equipment, portable cranes and lifting platforms.

Its polyurethane wheel ensures a high absorption to impacts and shocks and an excellent floor protection, together with an excellent wear and abrasion resistance. It also offers a great ease of movement. This castor is recommended for uneven surfaces, surfaces with metal swarf, oil spills, broken glass and gravel.

HLG-HG series: maximum floor protection with minimal noise

This twin wheel castor with cast iron centre and black natural rubber tread is especially designed to support heavy loads up to 1400kg. It is mainly used in aeronautics, railway sector and car factories. Its rubber tread ensures maximal floor protection and a smooth and silent running. It can be moved by a motor-driven cart.

Do you need more castors for aeronautics? We invite you to visit our Ruedas Alex website with more than 4.000 different products. You will surely find the product you are looking for, or if you prefer, you can contact us and we will assist you in your search.

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