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Castors for waste containers: resistant and easy to clean

Our castors for waste bins have been especially designed and manufactured in Spain in order to meet the most extreme requirements in terms of quality of all the material used and structure resistance, for both the bracket and the wheel.

We will show you in this article all the details from our ZV-PS series, perfect for many other uses besides waste containers, such as tool trolleys, internal logistics, lifting platforms, food trolleys, compressors, portable ladders, sweepers, polishers, portable cement mixers, portable cranes, packaging machinery, conveyor belts, trailers and light machinery amongst many others.

How should a castor for waste bins be?

Let’s take a look at all the requirements that a castor for waste containers must meet.

  • It must ensure an excellent floor protection: the castor must protect the floor (usually the asphalt) when moving and turning on that specific floor. With our natural rubber tread wheels, you can be sure the floor will not be damaged.
  • It must be noiseless: usually, trash bins are moved late at night, so it is very important that the castors are as silent as possible in order to guarantee the rest of the neighbours.
  • High absorption to impacts and shocks: when moving the waste bins, it is common that the workers do it in a fast way, which will make the castors to hit the pavement frequently. The castors must be sturdy enough to avoid damages.
  • Wear and abrasion resistance: when moving the fully load containers there is a high degree of friction between the wheel and the pavement. It is very important to have a very resistant material to wear and abrasion in order to guarantee a long service life.

You will find below the 2 most recommended castors for trash containers by our technicians:

ZV-PS Series: suitable for outdoor containers

This is the best choice when looking for waste containers to be used on outdoor pavements. The bracket and wheel materials will resist hot, cold and humid weathers that could affect any bin on the streets. Every castor can take loads up to 215kg and resist temperatures from -20ºC to +60ºC.

Its biggest advantage is the natural rubber wheel that will offer a maximal protection to the floor and a great noiseless running.

Grey ZV-PS series: prefect for indoor containers

Ruedas Alex’ grey ZV-PS has the same features than the previous castor but with an important difference: instead of a black rubber, it has a grey natural rubber tread that will not leave any mark on the floor.

Do you want to look for more castors for waste containers? We invite you to visit our Ruedas Alex website with more than 4000 different products. You will surely find the castor you need, or in case you require any more information or technical details, you can contact us!

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