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Castors for mobile grandstands, platforms and harrows: perfect for concerts and sport events.

Nowadays, cultural and sporting events are very present in our life: sports halls, gyms, concerts, exhibitions and live events amongst many others. For all these activities we must rely on safe and comfortable facilities, and an example for that would be grandstands. However, its main disadvantage is the mobility. These grandstands or harrows are usually expensive, and once installed, it is impossible to move them unless we use castors for mobile grandstands.

At Ruedas Alex we think that versatility should be a must for portable grandstands; this is why we suggest always using castors on your mobile seating stands. This way, it will not matter where you set them up, as our Alex castors will guarantee an excellent movement and floor protection, so it will be really easy for you to move these stands whenever you need them, without hassles and with great safety.

The best castors for mobile grandstands

We will see below all the details about our best Ruedas Alex wheels for portable grandstands, which meet the following criteria: sturdiness, reliability and stability in order to move big temporary stands.

TV Series with PO: multipurpose and good looking

TV-PO is one of the best castors for mobile grandstands. It is a multipurpose castor that can take heavy duties, handle loads smoothly and ensure floor protection. The tread is made of injected polyurethane of great durability. This castor can take up to 600 kg and withstand working temperatures from -25ºC to +80ºC.

TV series with AUB: sturdy and versatile

TV-AUB is a medium duty industrial castor suitable for moving portable stands, as the tread is made of cast polyurethane and it can take up to 800kg. It has a perfect handling and protects the floor against stains and scratches.

This castor for mobile stands is available in swivel, fixed and swivel with brake models and can withstand working temperatures from -20ºC to +60ºC.

ZV-PGM: noiseless and maximum floor protection

ZV-PGM castor from Ruedas Alex guarantees the best available floor protection. At the same time, it is very silent, so it is perfect for indoor halls with delicate floors.

Its wheel is made of blue elastic rubber and is available in swivel, fixed and swivel with brake and directional lock. It is doubtless a very wise choice.

Would you like to see more castors for mobile platforms? We invite you to visit Ruedas Alex’s website with more than 4000 different references. You will surely find the castor you were looking for, or if you prefer, you can contact any of our specialist that will gladly assist you.

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