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State of the art plastic injection moulding machine to provide a faster and more flexible service for our customers

At Ruedas Alex we are known for being a pioneer company in terms of design, manufacturing and distribution of industrial castors. And as innovation is in our DNA, we have recently acquired a state of the art injection moulding machine for our factory in Martorell (Barcelona).

This injection press has latest technology motors for a faster and more accurate production process: these are key advantages in order to keep leading the industrial castors market in Spain.

This new addition to our factory has 470 tons of clamping pressure that brings better shape and mechanical resistance to all our products. Another advantage of this new machine is the 2100 cm³ injection capacity or shot size, which will allow us to increase the number of cavities in our future moulds. This will lead to much shorter production times and lower costs for our customers.

With this new machine, at Ruedas Alex we expand our machine fleet in our manufacturing site in Spain, making it a very versatile tool where we can add a lot of moulds for several different wheels. Our customers will benefit from shorter lead times mad more flexibility with this new acquisition.

We, at Ruedas Alex, are also committed to energy savings, and thanks to this new machine with an Inverter controlled servomotor we will contribute to a lesser emissions factory. However, we will keep investing in R+D despite the current difficult economic situation to ensure that our industrial castors catalogue keeps growing and offering more and more solutions to our customers.

We take proud on continuous improvement as well as investment in R+D which improves our products and processes, thus always giving the best to our business partners.

Always innovating and improving to move industry forward.

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